MyViz is based on Freeboard (http://freeboard.io), a great application for building cloud-oriented dashboards.  Unlike Freeboard, MyViz does not run in the cloud or in the browser. It can be viewed as a “standalone build” of Freeboard for desktop or mobile devices, which allows an easier access to the hardware of your computer (for bluetooth or serial communications, for example).

MyViz is vendor-agnostic: it is not a software for building dashboards for a specific manufacturer or for devices compatible with certain home-automation platforms. The aim of MyViz is to help people building their own dashboards in order to communicate with their own objects or services, whatever they are.

MyViz has also been thought for objects manufacturers or webservices providers: instead of building their own complete application, they can just (if necessary) develop freely dedicated plugins and show how to use them in sample dashboards.


MyViz has a modular architecture, where datasources and widgets (for control or visualization) are separated. You have three main steps to do when you build a dashboard:

  1. define the datasources you want to connect to
  2. add widgets to your dashboards
  3. connect these widgets to the datasources you defined in step 1


Data Sources

Datasources can be of any kind, they just need to be able to send and eventually receive data.
For example, it can be:

  • a connected object (thermostat, webcam,…)
  • a wearable
  • a webservice (weather, financial,…)
  • an IoT platform (Xively, Thingspeak,…)
  • something more generic, like:
    • a JSON feed
    • a serial port (yes, you can use MyViz as a dashboard for your Arduino !)

Thanks to its modular and extensible architecture, this list has virtually no limit, providing that the corresponding plugin exists. If it is not the case, you can develop it (MyViz is open-source) or require its development from us.



Display Widgets

Display widgets help to visualize your data in real-time (as soon as they arrive). They can be generic plots, gauges, leds,… or more dedicated ones, specifically developped for your favorites wearables, connected objects or webservices.


Control Widgets

We currently provide generic widgets like switchs, sliders and selectors, but we are working on more advanced ones, like color wheels for connected bulbs, for examples.


Missing an essential widget ?

Don’t hesitate to ask us for its development ! You can also develop it yourself, since MyViz is open-source and easily extensible.


Create or Modify

We will provide soon tutorials explaining how to create your own dashboard or modify existing ones.



Plugins allow to extend MyViz with new datasources or widgets for control or visualization.

We will provide soon tutorials explaining how to create your own plugin or modify existing ones.