Communication with an ESP8266 (ESP-01) through Websockets

This example shows how MyViz, running on your computer, can communicate with an ESP8266 (ESP-01) through Websockets.

The files can be downloaded for the following systems:

In order to run this example, you need to follow these steps (provided that MyViz is already installed):

  • Download the files somewhere on your computer
  • Connect your ESP-01 to your programmer
  • Upload on this module the sketch “Tutorial_Websocket_1.ino”, located in the “ESP8266_ESP01” folder of the archive
  • Start you ESP-01 with GPIO0 and GPIO2 connected together
  • Connect your computer to the Wifi Access Point created by the ESP-01. The credentials are:
    • SSID: MyViz
    • Password: myvizesp8266
  • Run MyViz. It opens with an empty window:


  • Click on “Load Dashboard” and open the file “Tutorial_Websocket_1.json”, located in the “Dashboard” folder of the archive. You can now play with this interface:

  • You can:
    • click on the GPIO2 switch to switch on or off the GPIO0 pin connected to GPIO2
    • move the slider, to see the plot of the value sent back by the board
  • To edit the dashboard, click on the icon on the top-middle of the window. Then you can modify any widget and learn how MyViz works: