Communication with an Arduino on serial port (old)

This example shows how MyViz, running on your computer, can communicate with an Arduino Uno through a serial link.

The files can be downloaded for the following systems:

In order to run this example, you need to follow these steps (provided that MyViz is already installed):

  • Extract the archive somewhere on your computer
  • Connect your Arduino board to your computer
  • Upload on this board the sketch “Tutorial_SerialPort_1.ino”, located in the “Arduino” folder of the archive
  • In the “Dashboard” folder, open “Tutorial_SerialPort_1.json”
  • Make one of the following replacement, depending on your operating system:
    • for Windows, replace the three “COM24” strings by the COM port connected to your Arduino board
    • for Linux, replace the three “/dev/ttyACM0” strings by the serial port used by your Arduino board
    • for Mac OS X, replace the three “/dev/cu.usbmodem9f31” strings by the serial port used by your Arduino board
  • Run MyViz. It opens with an empty window:


  • Click on “Load Dashboard” and open the file “Tutorial_SerialPort_1.json” you modified previously. You should see the dashboard running:


If you don’t see values “moving”, double check the name of the serial port connected to your Arduino and check the replacement you made in the “Tutorial_SerialPort_1.json” file.

  • If it works, you can:
    • click on the LED switch to switch on or off the LED of your Arduino
    • move the slider, to see the plot of the value sent back by the board
    • connect the analog inputs A0 and A1 to any sensor to see their values plotted in real time
  • To edit the dashboard, click on the icon on the top-middle of the window. Then you can modify any widget: