Manage your connected devices and webservices.
Visualize all your data from a single application.

Why go through multiple applications and websites to control your connected devices and key webservices ?
With the multiplication of connected devices, social media profiles and websites used every day for your home, lifestyle, work, transportation, and transactions, control and monitoring becomes unmanageable.

MyViz allows you to manage your home temperature, monitor your sleep, track your investments,
and much more from a single customizable application.

MyViz in action

Amazing features

Building your own dashboards has never been so easy

Data sources

Build your dashboards from various kind of data sources: wearable objects, home devices, webservices (weather, financial,...), IoT platforms (Xively, Thingspeak,...), hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi,...).
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Display Widgets

Connect amazing live widgets (plots, gauges, leds, pictures, maps, videos,...) to your data sources and visualize them in real-time. You can also store your data and replay or simply display them later.
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Control Widgets

Add buttons, sliders, selectors,... to your dashboards and create your own applications (running on your computer, tablet and smartphone) for controlling your devices (house lights, heating, robots,...).

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Create or modify

Start from scratch with an empty dashboard or download and modify an existing one. You can even ask for a design service if you want a custom data source, widget or dashboard.
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You can easily extend the datasource and widget capabilities of MyViz with plugins adapted to your favorites connected objects or webservices.
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MyViz is opensource and built with a powerful plugin architecture. You can create easily your own data source or widget plugins and distribute them on our (coming soon) App platform.

Sample dashboards

Created with MyViz

MyViz runs on
Windows, Linux and OSX.
(coming soon: Android and iOS)